Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Here We Go

We had it all planned out.  This year, we’d order inventory early.  This year, all of the planets would align and ornament ordering, distribution and fulfillment would be seamlessly orchestrated with a savvy 2012 marketing effort.  The wondrous hum of ornament packages moving along the conveyor belt and out to eager supporters would fill the air.    

Then we got hit by a hurricane.  Again.  Shortly before our 2011 Gala, we’d been hit by Hurricane Irene.  No power, no cell phones and lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  During this year’s storm, we spent some quality time at a Holiday Inn and were displaced a few additional days from our house to resolve some damage to our property.  Just as contractors were about to start working on our house, we were delayed again by about a foot of snow.  It’s become the Land of the Lost Three Weeks.  Look, a Sleestack.

We’re not complaining (too much), but a hurricane will put a wrench in your glass ornament plans every time.   So here we are, almost fully recovered, ready and rearing to go with the new ornament introductions.

We’ll introduce each of the four new ornaments over the next four days, one a day, and by this weekend the website interface will be active and ready to receive orders for the 2012 ornaments.  We will begin shipping the new ornament orders beginning Nov. 26, 2012.

Thanks to everyone who has been asking about the new designs and we appreciate all of your support of the Kate Foundation and Rett syndrome research.

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