Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dora vs. the Neighborhood

Kate can’t use her hands very well and that precludes her from using about 98% of the toys available on the market. As a result, gift-buying for children with Rett syndrome can be tricky. Last year, Kate’s grandparents came upon a brilliant gift idea you can’t get in a retail store. They bought her a Fathead online.

Fatheads are massive wall graphic decals of famous athletes and pop-culture characters. If you’ve got the wall real estate, the sky is the limit with Fatheads, including the almost 4’ tall Dora the Explorer, or whatever character your child happens to like. We had to send back the original Dora for the smaller Dora Fathead Jr. because the full-size Dora didn’t fit her wall and looked like it was going to eat the neighborhood.

They’re not inexpensive, but if some family members want to chip-in, it’s a unique gift idea. Kate goes over to hers and stares adoringly for a few minutes each day. Best of all, it makes the Lite-Brite she can’t use seem kind of lame.

Fathead can be found at

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